Luke Sherrington

Creative Director

Luke won 'Designer Of The Year' at the 2012 EN awards and thus is our design guru! He has been with us for over 8 years now and is in charge of our design team. Luke also looks like a love child of Paul Weller!

Mark Edwards


Mark is the most competitive member of the team (no matter what the topic). He creates challenging and interesting designs that our clients adore! He loves the parents sports day races at his kids school. Go for Gold!

Hayley Bell

Print Designer

Hayley deserves to have a flower named after her. She can breathe life into any creative brief that crosses her desk. We love her work and it more than makes up for being the only Essex girl in the office.

Claire Shilling

Design Account Manager

Claire is our suppa dupa Account Manager on ASP Design and we love her passion for creative flair...she even has a Blue Peter badge to prove it!

João Guerreiro

Senior Designer

João moved from Portugal for his role with ASP and we couldn't be more thrilled. He's progressive and trend led, already making a huge impact on the sites we produce. He's also a cat lover. MEOW.

Matt Hilder

Web Designer

Matt is quiet but deadly. With strong design skills and a quick ability to learn he's already helped many clients with great looking websites. He only wears Pretty Green clothing.

Charlie Parmentier

Web Designer

Charlie brings a unique style to the ASP Design team.  His experience as a young  TV commercial model and son of a famous French cartoonist has created the perfect blend for our design needs.